Ants of the Palearctic version September 2015

Ant diversity

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 Species names  Subf. / Tribe 
Acantholepis kabulica (Pisarski 1967a)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Acantholepis sericea (Forel 1892a)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Acanthomyrmex crassispinus Wheeler 1930bPagiolepini / Formicinae
Acanthomyrmex glabfemoralis Zhou & Zheng 1997aPagiolepini / Formicinae
Acanthomyrmex luciolae Emery 1893Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Acropyga acutiventris Roger 1862Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Acropyga butteli Forel 1912Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Acropyga jiangxiensis Wang & Wu 1992aLasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga kinomurai Terayama & Hashimoto 1996Lasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga nipponensis Terayama 1985eLasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga oceanica Emery 1900bLasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga paleartica Menozzi 1936bLasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga sauteri Forel 1912bLasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga yaeyamensis Terayama & Hashimoto 1996Lasinii / Formicinae
Acropyga yushi Terayama 2009Lasinii / Formicinae
Aenictus ambiguus Schuckard 1840bAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus aratus Forel 1900bAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus binghami Forel 1901eAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus bobaiensis Zhou & Chen 1999Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus camposi Wheeler & Chapman 1925Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus ceylonicus (Mayr 1866a)Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus dentatus (Forel 1911)Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus dlusskyi Arnol'di 1968bAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus doryloides Wilson 1964aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus feae Emery 1889cAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus fergusoni Forel 1901aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus fuchuanensis Zhou 2001Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus grandis Bingham 1903Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus henanensis Li & Wang 2005Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus hodgsoni Forel 1901aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus javanus Emery 1896fAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus laeviceps (Smith F. 1857a)Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus latiscapus Forel 1901aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus latiscapus fumatus Wheeler 1927dAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus latiscapus sauteri Forel 1913gAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus lifuiae Terayama 1984Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus maroccanus Santschi 1926Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus pachycerus (Smith 1858)Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus piercei Wheeler & Chapman, 1930Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus punctiventris Emery, 1901Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus punensis Forel, 1901aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus rhodiensis Menozzi, 1936bAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus sagei Forel, 1901aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus shuckardi Forel 1901aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus vaucheri Emery, 1915aAenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus vieti Jaitrong & Yamane 2010Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus westwoodi Forel, 1901Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus wilsoni Bharti, Wachkoo & Kumar, 2012 Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus wudangshanensis Wang 2006Aenictini / Dorylinae
Aenictus zhengi Zhang 1994Aenictini / Dorylinae
Amblyopone denticulata (Roger 1859)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Amblyopone emeryi (Saunders 1890)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Amblyopone gaetulica (Baroni Urbani 1978a)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Anillomyrma decamera (Emery 1901h)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Anochetus ghilianii (Spinola 1851)Ponerini / Ponerinae
Anochetus graeffei Mayr 1870bPonerini / Ponerinae
Anochetus mixtus Radchenko 1993aPonerini / Ponerinae
Anochetus risii Forel 1900dPonerini / Ponerinae
Anochetus subcocus Forel 1912Ponerini / Ponerinae
Anochetus shohki Terayama 1996bPonerini / Ponerinae
Anochetus yunnanensis Wang 1993Ponerini / Ponerinae
Anomalomyrma sp. Taylor, 1990bSolenopsidini / Leptanillinae
Anoplolepis gracilipes (Smith 1857a)Pagiolepidini / Formicinae
Aphaenogaster afra (Santschi 1933)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster annandalei Mukerjee 1930Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster atlantis (Santschi 1929)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster balcanica (Emery, 1898c)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster baronii (Cagniant 1988)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster beccarii Emery 1887gPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster beesoni Donisthorpe 1933aPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster caeciliae Viehmeyer 1922Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster cavernicola Donisthorpe 1938hPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster cecconii Emery 1894kPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster concolor Watanabe & Yamane 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster cristata (Forel 1902c)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster crocea (André 1881)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster curiosa (Santschi 1933)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster dejeani (Cagniant 1982)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster donann Watanabe & Yamane 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster dulciniae Emery 1924cPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster edentula Watanabe & Yamane 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster epirotes (Emery, 1895)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster erabu (Nishizono & Yamane, 1990)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster espadaleri (Cagniant 1984)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster exasperata (Wheeler 1921c)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster fallax (Cagniant 1992)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster famelica (Smith 1874b)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster famelica angulata Viehmeyer 1922Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster feae Emery, 1889cPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster festae Emery 1915fPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster finzii Müller 1921Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster foreli (Cagniant 1996)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster geei Wheeler 1921cPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster gemella gemella (Roger 1862)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster gemella marocana (Forel 1903e)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster gibbosa (Latreille 1798)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster gracillima Watanabe & Yamane, 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster graeca Schulz 1994aPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster hunanensis Wu & Wang 1992cPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster incurviclypea Wang & Zheng 1997Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster ionia Santschi 1933bPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster irrigua Watanabe & Yamane, 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster italica Bondroit 1918Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster japonica Forel 1911gPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster kumejimana Watanabe & Yamane, 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster ledouxi Tohmé 1969aPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster lepida Wheeler 1930bPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster lesbica Forel 1913Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster leveillei (Emery 1881b)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster longiceps (Smith 1858)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster luteipes Watanabe & Yamane, 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster mauritanica (Dalla Torre 1893)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster miniata (Cagniant 1990e)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster minutula Watanabe & Yamane, 1999Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster muelleriana Wolf 1915Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster nadigi (Santschi 1923)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster obsidiana (Mayr, 1861)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster osimensis Teranishi, 1940Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster ovaticeps (Emery, 1898)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster pallida (Nylander, 1849)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster polyodonta Zhou, 2001Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster praedo (Emery 1908)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster pumilopuncta Zhou, 2001Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster rifensis (Cagniant 1994)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster rugulosaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster sangiorgiiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster sardoa anoemica (Santschi 1910)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster senilis disjuncta (Santschi 1939)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster senilis senilis (Mayr 1853)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster simonelliiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster simonellii sporadisPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster sp. 1Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster spinosaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster splendidaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster splendida rugosoferrugineaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster strioloidesPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster subterraneaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster subterraneoidesPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster testaceopilosaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster theryi (Santschi 1923)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster tinauti (Cagniant 1992)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster tipunaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster tokarainsulanaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster torossiani (Cagniant 1988)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster weulersseae (Cagniant 1989)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Aphaenogaster wilsoni (Cagniant 1988)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Bajcaridris menozzi (Santschi 1923)Formicinii / Formicinae
Bajcaridris theryi (Santschi 1936)Formicinii / Formicinae
Bannapone cryptica (Eguchi et al. 2014)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Bannapone fulvidum (Terayama, 1987)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Bannapone mulanae (Xu 2000)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Bannapone pertinax (Baroni Urbani, 1978)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Bannapone scrobiceps (Guénard, et al. 2013)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Bannapone zwaluwenburgi (Williams, 1946)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Bothriomyrmex crosi (Santschi 1919)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex adriacusBothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex atlantisBothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex corsicusBothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex cuculus (Santschi 1919)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex gallicus (Emery 1925)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex gibbus (Soudek 1924)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex jannoneiBothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex laticepsBothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex menozii (Emery 1925)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex meridionalis (Roger 1863)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex meridionalis ssp. (Bernardi)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex pubens (Santschi 1919)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex regicidus (Santschi 1919)Bothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Bothriomyrmex syriusBothriomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Camponotus aegaeusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus aethiops (Latreille 1798)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus albosparsusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus amamianusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus andriusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus atricolor (Nylander 1849)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus baldacciiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus barbaricusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus bishamonCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus boghossiani stenoticusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus candiotesCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus cecconiiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus compressus cosensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus compressus symiensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus cruentatusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus daitoensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus dalmaticus (Nylander 1849)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus devestivusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus fallax (Nylander 1856)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus festaiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus foreliCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus friedaeCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus gestroiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus hemichlaenaCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus herculeanus (Linnaeus 1758)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus ioniusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus itoiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus jaliensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus japonicus (Mayr 1866)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus kaguyaCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus keihitoiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus kiesenwetteriCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus kiusiuensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus laconicusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus lateralis (Olivier 1792)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus lateralis rhodiusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus libanicusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus ligniperda (Latreille 1802)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus ligniperdusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus maculatusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus maculatus dichrousCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus maculatus sylvaticomaculatusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus monjuCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus nawaiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus nipponensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus nipponicusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus obscuripesCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus oertzeniCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus oertzeni kappariensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus ogasawarensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus piceus (Leach 1825)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus pilicornisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus quadrinotatusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus sachalinensis (Forel)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus samiusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus sanctusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus saxatilis (Ruzsky 1895)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus shohkiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus sp.6Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus spissinodisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus sylvaticusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus thalesCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus truncatus (Spinola 1808)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus turkestanus (André 1882)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus universitatis (Forel 1890)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus vagus (Scopoli 1763)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus variegatusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus vitiosusCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus yamaokaiCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus yambaruCamponotinii / Formicinae
Camponotus yessensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Cardiocondyla elegans (Emery 1869)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla kagutuchiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla koshewnikovi (Ruzsky 1902)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla mauritanica (Forel 1890)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla nigraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla nuda (Mayr)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla sp.6Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla stambuloffiiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla tsukuyomiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla wroughtoniiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Cardiocondyla yamauchiiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Carebara oertzeniSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Cataglyphis aenescens (Nylander 1849)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis albicans (Roger 1859)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis albicans opaca (Santschi 1912)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis bicolorFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis bicolor rufiventrisFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis bombycina anc. lusaci (Roger 1859)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis cana (Santschi 1925)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis cinnamomea (Kar.)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis cubica (Forel 1903)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis cursorFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis cursor creticaFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis diehli (Forel 1902)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis emmae (Forel 1909)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis gaetula (Santschi 1929)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis hannae (Agosti 1994)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis hellenicaFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis mauritanica ssp.1 (Emery 1906)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis nodus (Brullé 1832)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis otini (Santschi 1929)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis piliscapusFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis pilisquamis (Santschi 1929)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis rubra (Forel 1903)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis savignyi (Dufour 1862)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis semitonsa (Santschi 1929)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis setipes karakalensis (Arnoldi)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis sp. 1. rubraFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis sp. 2. canaFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis sp. 3. albicansFormicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis vaucheri (Emery 1906)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis viatica (Fabricius 1787)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis viatica pubens (Santschi 1929)Formicinii / Formicinae
Cataglyphis viaticoidesFormicinii / Formicinae
Cerapachys biroi (Forel 1907)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys daikoku (Terayama 1996)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys fossulatus (Forel 1895a)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys hashimotoi (Terayama 1996b)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys humicola (Ogata 1983b)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys longitarsus (Mayr 1879)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys reticulatus (Emery 1923a)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys sauteri (Forel 1913h)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys sexspinus (Xu 2000b)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys sulcinodis (Emery 1889c)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys typhlus (Roger 1861a)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Cerapachys xizangensis (Tang & Li 1982)Cerapachynini / Dorylinae
Chalepoxenus kutteriFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Chalepoxenus muellerianus (Finzi 1921)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster afghanica (Pisarski)Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster antarisCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster aubertiCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster aegyptiacusCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster inermisCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster ioniaCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster laestrygonCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster lortetiCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster lorteti hellenicaCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster matsumuraiCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster nawaiCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster oasiumCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster osakensisCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster schmidti (Mayr 1853)Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster scutellaris (Olivier 1791)Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster sordidula (Nylander 1849)Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster sp.5Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster subdentata (Mayr 1877)Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster subdentata subdentata (Mayr)Crematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster suehiroCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster teranishiiCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Crematogaster vagulaCrematogastrini / Myrmicinae
Cryptopone ochracea (Mayr 1855)Ponerini / Ponerinae
Diacamma sp.Ponerini / Ponerinae
Discothyrea kamitetaProceratiini / Proceratiinae
Discothyrea sauteriProceratiini / Proceratiinae
Dolichoderus moggridgei (Forel 1886)Dolichoderini / Dolichoderinae
Dolichoderus quadripunctatus (Linnaeus 1771)Dolichoderini / Dolichoderinae
Dolichoderus sibiricus (Emery 1889)Dolichoderini / Dolichoderinae
Dorylus fulvus fulvus (Westwood 1839a)Dorylini / Dorylinae
Formica aquilonia (Yarrow 1955)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica bruni (Kutter 1967)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica candida (Smith 1878)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica cinerea (Mayr 1853)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica clara (Seifert 1997)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica clarissima (Emery 1925)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica corsicaFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica cunicularia (Latreille 1798)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica decipiensFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica exsecta (Nylander 1846)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica fennica (Seifert 2000)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica foreli (Bondroit 1918; Emery 1909)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica forsslundi (Lohmander 1949)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica fukaiiFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica fusca (Linnaeus 1758)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica fuscocinerea (Forel 1874)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica gagates (Latreille 1798)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica gagatoides (Ruzsky 1904)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica gerardiFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica hayashiFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica japonica (Motschoulsky 1866)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica kozlovi (Dlussky 1965)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica lemani (Bondroit 1917)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica lugubris (Zetterstedt 1838)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica manchu (Wheeler 1929)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica paralugubris (Seifert 1996)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica picea (Nylander 1846)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica pisarskii (Dlussky 1964)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica polyctena (Förster 1850)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica pratensis (Retzius 1783)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica pressilabris (Nylander 1846)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica pyrenaeaFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica rufa (Linnaeus 1761)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica rufibarbis (Fabricius 1793)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica sanguinea (Latreille 1798)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica selysi (Bondroit 1918)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica subrufaFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica suecica (Adlerz 1902)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica transkaucasicaFormicinii / Formicinae
Formica truncorum (Fabricius 1804)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica uralensis (Ruzsky 1895)Formicinii / Formicinae
Formica yessensisFormicinii / Formicinae
Formicoxenus nitidulus (Nylander 1846)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Goniomma blanciPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Goniomma hispanicumPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Harpagoxenus sublaevis (Nylander 1849)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Harpagoxenus zaisanicus (Pisarski 1963)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Hypoponera abeilleiPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera beppinPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera bondroitiPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera eduardi (Forel 1894)Ponerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera eduardiPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera gleadowiPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera lesneiPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera nipponaPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera nubatamaPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera opacicepsPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera punctatissimaPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera ragusaiPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera sauteriPonerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera schauinslandi (Emery 1899)Ponerini / Ponerinae
Hypoponera zwaluwenburgiPonerini / Ponerinae
Lasius alienus (Förster 1850)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius austriacus (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2000)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius balcanicus (Seifert 1988)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius bicornis (Förster 1850)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius breviscapusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius brunneus himalayanus (Forel 1917)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius brunneus (Latreille 1798)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius capitatus (Wilson 1955)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius carniolicus (Mayr 1861)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius cinereusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius citrinus (Emery 1922)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius coloratus (Santschi 1937)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius distinguendus (Emery 1916)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius emarginatus (Olivier 1792)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius flavescens (Forel 1903)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius flavonigerLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius flavus (Fabricius 1782)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius fuliginosus (Latreille 1798)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius gebaueri (Seifert 1992)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius grandis (Forel 1909)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius hayashi (Yamauchi & Hayashida 1970)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius hikosanus (Yamauchi K. 1979)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius hirsutusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius japonicus (Santschi 1941)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius jensi (Seifert 1982)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius karpinisiLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius koreanusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius lasioides (Emery 1869)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius lawaraiLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius magnusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius meridionalis (Bondroit 1920)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius mixtus (Nylander 1846)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius morisitai (Yamauchi K. 1979)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius myops (Forel 1894)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius myrmidon (Mei 1998)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius neglectus (Van Loon Boomsma & Andrasfalvy 1990)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius niger (Linnaeus 1758)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius nigrescens (Stitz 1930)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius nipponensis (Forel A. 1912)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius nitidigaster (Seifert 1996)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius obscuratus (Stitz 1938)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius paralienus (Seifert 1992)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius piliferusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius platythorax (Seifert 1991)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius productus (Wilson 1955)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius przewalskii (Ruzsky 1915)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius psammophilus (Seifert 1992)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius rabaudi (Bondroit 1917)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius reginae (Faber 1967)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius sabularum (Bondroit 1918)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius sakagamii (Yamauchi & Hayashida 1970)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius schaeferiLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius schulziLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius sonobei (Yamauchi K. 1979)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius spathepus (Yamauchi K. 1979)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius talpa (Wilson 1955)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius tebessaeLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius teranishii (Teranishi 1940)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius turcicusLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius umbratus (Nylander 1846)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius uzbekiLasinii / Formicinae
Lasius viehmeyeri (Emery 1922)Lasinii / Formicinae
Lasius wittmeriLasinii / Formicinae
Lepisiota bipartitaPagiolepini / Formicinae
Lepisiota frauenfeldiPagiolepini / Formicinae
Lepisiota karawaiewiPagiolepini / Formicinae
Lepisiota melasPagiolepini / Formicinae
Lepisiota nigraPagiolepini / Formicinae
Lepisiota splendensPagiolepini / Formicinae
Lepisiota syriacaPagiolepini / Formicinae
Leptanilla japonicaLeptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptanilla kubotaiLeptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptanilla morimotoiLeptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptanilla oceanicaLeptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptanilla reveliereiLeptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptanilla sp.6Leptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptanilla tanakaiLeptanillini / Leptanillinae
Leptogenys confuciiPonerini / Ponerinae
Leptothorax acervorum (Fabricius 1793)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax aniraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax anteraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax arimensisFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax basaraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax bikaraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax congruusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax goesswaldi (Kutter 1967)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax gredleri (Mayr 1855)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax hairaFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax indraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax kinomuraiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax koreanusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax kubiraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax kutteri (Buschinger 1965)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax makoraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax muscorum (Nylander 1846)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax pacis (Kutter 1950)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax santraFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Leptothorax spinosiorFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Linepithema humile (Mayr 1868)Leptomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Liometopum microcephalum (Panzer 1798)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Lordomyrma azumaiStenammini / Myrmicinae
Manica rubida (Latreille 1802)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Messor aciculatus (Smith 1874)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor alexandriPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor antennatus fodoriiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor arenarius (Forel?)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor barbarusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor bouvieriPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor caducusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor capitatusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor concolorPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor denticulatusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor ebeninus (Santschi)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor excursionis (Ruzsky 1905)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor helleniusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor intermediusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor meridionalisPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor minorPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor nigricepsPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor oertzeniPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor oertzeni carpathousPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor orientalisPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor platyceras rubella (Crawley)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor sanctusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor semirufus (André)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor structor (Latreille 1798)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor structor aegaeusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor structor platyceras (Crawley)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor structor sp. B (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor sultanusPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Messor wasmanniPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium abeilleiSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium buxtoni (Crawley)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium carbonariumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium chinenseSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium creticumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium dentigerum (Roger)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium destructorSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium destructor pallidula (Donisthorpe)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium evansi (Donisthorpe)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium flavum (Coll.)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium floricolaSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium gracillimum (F. Sm.)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium hitenSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium indicum turkmenicumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium intrudensSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium latinodeSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium monomoriumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium nitidiventreSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium perplexumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium pharaonis (Linnaeus 1758)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium phoenicumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium sagei (Forel?)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium salomonis (Linné)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium sechellenseSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium subopacumSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Monomorium trivialeSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Myopopone castanea (Smith, F. 1860)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Myrmecina amamianaMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmecina flavaMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmecina graminicola (Latreille 1802)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmecina nipponicaMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmecina ryukyuensisMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica karavajeviMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica aimonis (Menozzi)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica alobaMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica angulinodis (Ruzsky 1905)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica arnoldii (Dlussky 1963)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica bergi (Ruzsky)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica bibikoffi (Kutter 1963)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica commarginata (Ruzsky 1905)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica divergens (Karavaiev 1931)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica eidmanni (Menozzi 1930)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica forcipata (Karavaiev 1931)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica gallienii (Bondroit 1920)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica hellenica (Finzi 1926)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica hirsuta (Elmes 1978)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica jessensisMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica kamtschatica (Kupyanskaya 1986)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica karavajevi (Arnoldi 1930)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica kasczenkoi (Ruzsky 1905)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica koreana (Elmes Radchenko & Kim 2001)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica kotokuiMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica kurokiiMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica lacustris (Ruzsky 1905)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica lemasneiMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica lobicornis (Nylander 1846)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica lobulicornis (Nylander 1857)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica lonae (Finzi 1926)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica myrmicoxena (Forel 1874)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica pelopsMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica pisarskii (Radchenko 1994)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica ravasiniiMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica rubra (Linnaeus 1758)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica ruginodis (Nylander 1846)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica rugulosa (Nylander 1849)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica sabuleti (Meinert 1861)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica salina (Ruzsky 1905)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica scabrinodis (Nylander 1846)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica schencki (Viereck 1903; Emery 1895)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica sp.5Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica sp.6Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica sp.7Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica sp.8Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica specioides (Bondroit 1918)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica spinosiorMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica sulcinodis (Nylander 1846)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica taediosa (Bolton 1995)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica tulinaeMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica vandeli (Bondroit 1919)Myrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmica wesmaeliMyrmicini / Myrmicinae
Myrmoxenus adlerziFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Myrmoxenus corsicaFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Myrmoxenus gordiaginiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Myrmoxenus kraussei (Emery 1915)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Myrmoxenus ravouxi (André 1896)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Myrmoxenus stumperi (Kutter 1951)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Mystrium camillae (Emery 1889b)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Nylanderia jaegerskioeldiPagiolepini / Formicinae
Ochetellus glaberLeptomyrmecini / Dolichoderinae
Odontomachus monticolaPonerini / Ponerinae
Odontomachus sp.2Ponerini / Ponerinae
Oligomyrmex borealisSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Oligomyrmex hannyaSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Oligomyrmex oniSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Oligomyrmex sauteriSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Oligomyrmex yamatonisSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Oxyopomyrmex krueperiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Oxyopomyrmex lagoiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Oxyopomyrmex saulcyiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pachycondyla chinensisPonerini / Ponerinae
Pachycondyla darwiniiPonerini / Ponerinae
Pachycondyla javanaPonerini / Ponerinae
Pachycondyla luteipesPonerini / Ponerinae
Pachycondyla pilosiorPonerini / Ponerinae
Pachycondyla sakishimensisPonerini / Ponerinae
Paratrechina amiaPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina flavipesPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina longicornisPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina nubatamaPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina ogasawarensisPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina otomePagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina ryukyuensisPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina sakuraePagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina sp.11Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina vividulaPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina yaeyamensisPagiolepini / Formicinae
Paratrechina yambaruPagiolepini / Formicinae
Pheidole bilimekiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole bugiPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole fervensPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole fervidaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole indicaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole megacephalaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole nodaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole pallidula (Nylander 1849)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole pallidula arenarum (Ruzs.)Pheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole pieliPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole ryukyuensisPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole susanowoPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidole teneriffanaPheidolini / Myrmicinae
Pheidologeton diversusSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Plagiolepis alluaudiPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis ampeloni (Faber 1969)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis ancyrensisPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis flavescensPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis grasseiPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis manczshurica (Ruzsky 1905)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis pallescensPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis pygmaea (Latreille 1798)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis schmitziiPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis tauricaPagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis vindobonensis (Lomnicki 1925)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Plagiolepis xene (Stärcke 1936)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Polyergus nigerrimus (Marikovsky 1963)Formicinii / Formicinae
Polyergus (rufescens) breviceps (Latreille 1798)Formicinii / Formicinae
Polyergus samuraiFormicinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis armata (Le Guillou).Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis bakana (Xu.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis bicolor (Smith F.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis bihamata (Drury).Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis brevicorpa (Xu.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis burmanensis (Donisthorpe)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis convexa (Roger)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis cornihumera (Xu)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis cyphonota (Xu.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis debilis (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis demangei Santschi.Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis dentihumera (Xu.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis dives (Smith)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis furcata (Smith F.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis gibba (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis halidayi (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis hippomanes ceylonensis (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis illaudata (Walker)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis jianghuaensis (Wang & Wu)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis lacteipennis (Smith F.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis laevigata (Smith F.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis lama (Kohout)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis lamellidens (Smith)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis latona (Wheeler)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis levior (Roger)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis lucidula (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis menelas (Forel Linné)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis moesta (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis murina (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis orbihumera (Xu.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis paracamponota (Wang & Wu)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis proxima (Roger)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis pubescens (Mayr)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis punctillata (Roger)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis rastellata (Latreille)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis rotoccipita (Xu.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis rubigastrica (Wu & Wang)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis rufipes (Smith)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis rupicapra (Roger)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis shixingensisCamponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis striata (Mayr 1862)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis subpilosa (Emery)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis thompsoni (Bingham 1903)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis thrinax (Roger)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis tianjingshanensis (Quin & Zhou.)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis tibialis (Smith)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis tubericeps (Forel)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis tyrannica (Smith)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis vigilans (Smith)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis wolfi (Forel)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Polyrhachis zhengi (Zhou & Huang)Camponotinii / Formicinae
Ponera bishamonPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera coarctata (Latreille 1802)Ponerini / Ponerinae
Ponera japonicaPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera kohmokuPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera scabraPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera swezeyiPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera sysphinctoidesPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera takamineiPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera tamonPonerini / Ponerinae
Ponera testacea (Emery 1895)Ponerini / Ponerinae
Ponera yakushimensisPonerini / Ponerinae
Prenolepis nitens (Mayr 1853)Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Prenolepis sp.Pagiolepini / Formicinae
Prionopelta kraepelini (Forel 1905c)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Pristomyrmex pungensMelissotarsini / Myrmicinae
Pristomyrmex yaeyamensisMelissotarsini / Myrmicinae
Proceratium algiricumProceratiini / Proceratiinae
Proceratium itoi (Forel 1917)Proceratiini / Proceratiinae
Proceratium japonicumProceratiini / Proceratiinae
Proceratium melinum (Roger 1860)Proceratiini / Proceratiinae
Proceratium morisitaiProceratiini / Proceratiinae
Proceratium wataseiProceratiini / Proceratiinae
Proformica buddhaensis (Ruzsky 1915)Formicinii / Formicinae
Proformica coriacea (Kuznetsov-Ugamsky 1927)Formicinii / Formicinae
Proformica ferreriFormicinii / Formicinae
Proformica jacoti (Wheeler 1923)Formicinii / Formicinae
Proformica kaszabi (Dlussky 1969)Formicinii / Formicinae
Proformica mongolica (Emery 1901)Formicinii / Formicinae
Proformica nasutaFormicinii / Formicinae
Proformica nitidaFormicinii / Formicinae
Proformica oculatissimaFormicinii / Formicinae
Proformica striaticepsFormicinii / Formicinae
Protanilla sp.1Leptanillini / Leptanillinae
Pyramica argiola (Emery 1869)Dacetini / Myrmicinae
Pyramica baudueri (Emery 1875)Dacetini / Myrmicinae
Rhopalomastix omotoensisMelissotarsini / Myrmicinae
Simopone huode (Terayama 2009)Cerapachyini / Cerapachyinae
Solenopsis crivellariiSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis fugax (Latreille 1798)Solenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis gallicaSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis geminataSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis japonicaSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis latroSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis orbulaSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis tipunaSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Solenopsis wolfiSolenopsidini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma debile (Förster 1850)Stenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma nipponenseStenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma oroussetiStenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma owstoniStenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma petiolatum (Emery 1897)Stenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma sardoumStenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma striatulum (Emery 1895)Stenammini / Myrmicinae
Stenamma westwoodi (Westwood 1840)Stenammini / Myrmicinae
Stigmatomma boltoni (Bharti & Wachkoo 2011)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma bruni (Forel 1912a)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma caliginosum (Onoyama 1999)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma crenatum (Xu 2001d)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma eminia (Zhou 2001d)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma octodentatum (Xu 2006)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma rothneyi (Forel 1900c)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma rubiginoum (Wu & Wang 1992)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma sakaii (Terayama 1989)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma silvestrii (Wheeler 1928a)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma trilobum (Xu, 2001)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Stigmatomma zaojun (Terayama, 2009)Amblyoponini / Amblyoponinae
Strongylognathus alboini (Finzi 1924)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus alpinus (Wheeler 1909)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus dalmaticusTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus huberi (Forel 1874)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus insularisTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus koreanusTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus Kratochvíli (Silhavy 1937)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus silvestriiTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Strongylognathus testaceus (Schenck 1852)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tapinoma ambiguum (Emery 1925)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma erraticum (Latreille 1798)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma festaeTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma israeleTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma madeirenseTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma melanocephalum (Forel?)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma nigerrimumTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma orthocephalum (Stitz 1934)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma pygmaeumTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma simrothi simrothiTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma simrothi phoeniceumTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma sinense (Emery 1925)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma sp.3Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Tapinoma simrothi karawajevi (Emery?)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex albipes GroupTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex brianiTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex gibbosus GroupTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex sp. B (Montaseri)Tapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex setosusTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex strenuusTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Technomyrmex vexatusTapinomini / Dolichoderinae
Teleutomyrmex schneideri (Kutter 1950)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax affinis (Mayr 1855)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax albipennis (Curtis 1854)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax angustulusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax aveliFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax bulgaricusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax bulgaricus aeoliusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax clypeatus (Mayr 1853)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax corticalis (Schenck 1852)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax crassispinus (Karavajev 1926)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax dessyiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax exilisFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax flavicornis (Emery 1870)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax formosusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax graecusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax grouvelleiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax interruptus (Schenck 1852)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax interruptus nitidicepsFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax jailensis (Arnoldi 1977)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax kaszabi (Pisarski 1969)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax krausseiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax kutteriFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax lichtensteini (Bondroit 1918)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax lichtensteini sp.2Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax luteus (Forel 1874)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax melasFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax melleus (Forel 1904)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax mongolicus (Pisarski 1969)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax nadigi (Kutter 1925)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax nassonowi (Ruzsky 1895)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax nigerFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax nigriceps (Mayr 1855)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax nigritusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax nylanderi (Förster 1850)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax pardoiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax parvulus (Schenck 1852)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax racovitzaiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax recedens (Nylander 1856)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax rottenbergiiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax saxonicus (Seifert 1995)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax semiruberFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax serviculus (Ruzsky 1902)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax soleriiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax sordidulus (Müller 1923)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax specularisFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax tristisFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax tuberum (Fabricius 1775)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax tuberum luteointerruptusFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax turcicus (Santschi 1934)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax unifasciatus (Latreille 1798)Formicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Temnothorax unifasciatus rougetiFormicoxenini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium alternans (Santschi 1929)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium anatolicum Csõsz & Schulz 2007Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium annectens (Pisarski 1969)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium armatum (Santschi 1927)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium atratulum (Schenck 1852)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium bicarinatumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium biskrenseTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium brevicorneTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium caespitum flavidulumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium caespitum (Linnaeus 1758)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium chefketi Forel 1911Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium concaviceps (Bursakov 1984)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium davidiTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium diomedeumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium exile Csõsz & Schulz 2007Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium ferox (Ruzshy 1903)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium ferox laeviorTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium feroxoidesTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium forteTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium hippocratisTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium hungaricum (Röszler 1935)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium impurum (Förster 1850)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium inerme armata (Emery?)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium inerme (Mayr 1877)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium kraepeliniTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium kutteri (Santschi 1927)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium lanuginosumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium lucidulumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium meridionaleTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium moravicum (Kratochvíl 1941)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium nipponenseTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium punctatumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium punicumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium rhodium (Emery 1922)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sahlbergiTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sanetrai Csõsz & Schulz 2007Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium schmidtiTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium semilaeveTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium semilaeve galaticumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium simillimumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium smithiTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sp. A (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sp. A (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sp. B (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sp. C (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sp. D (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sp. E (Schlick-Steiner et al. 2006)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium splendensTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium sulcinode (Santschi 1927)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium syriacum (Emery 1922)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium taueretTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium tonganumTetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetramorium tsushimae (Emery 1925)Tetramoriini / Myrmicinae
Tetraponera attenuataPseudomyrmecini / Pseudomyrmicinae
Vollenhovia amamianaStenammini / Myrmicinae
Vollenhovia benzaiStenammini / Myrmicinae
Vollenhovia emeryiStenammini / Myrmicinae
Vollenhovia nipponicaStenammini / Myrmicinae
Vollenhovia okinawanaStenammini / Myrmicinae
Vollenhovia sakishimanaStenammini / Myrmicinae
Vollenhovia yambaruStenammini / Myrmicinae