Ants of the Palearctic version September 2015

What is the goal of the MPP ?

The MP is a tentative to regroup, of summarize and unify the actual knowledges about the identification of ants in the Palearctic region, but not only. TMP is not a new encyclopaedia, who only “regroups” the informations and compiles them under a new form. If that's you are looking for, you are on the bad page. TMP it's a place of learning, for every one who desire to get more informations about the identification of ants.
A beginner in entomology as well as a far advanced entomologist will find matter to learn and to improve his knowledges on the subject.

Why is that necessary ?

If you take a look to the identification of ants through the Palearctic, you will certainly encounter a lots of obstacles on your way; documents in several languages, of several epochs, several methods of identification, with a restricted or paying access... All of this increases the difficulty to build an holistic vision of the identification of ants. TMP is free, in English and respects a unique and bright identification system which evolves and tries to adapt itself of latest methods, terminology and technologies.