Highter ants groups

Image of a Technomyrmex Petiolus
  • Petiole(PE)in one distinct part; BUT low and length in profile
  • China, Japan, Morocco
    Technomyrmex sp.
    Technomyrmex albipes
    Technomyrmex gobbosus
    Technomyrmex sp. 1
  • Image of Formica Petiolus
  • Petiole(PE)in one distinct part; BUT not haft like
  • PetiolePEcan be reduce in size and pressed tight against the gaster
  • Whole Palearctic
  • Image of a Proceratium Petiolus
  • Petiole(PE)in one part; BUT similar in shape or fused toseg1
  • if PEfused, then strangulation between seg1 & seg2 and between seg2 & seg3
  • if PEdetached, then strangulation only between seg1 & seg2
  • Segments between thorax and gaster in two distinct parts;
    - petiole(PE)attached to the thorax,
    -PE(PPE)attached to the gaster, AND no strangulation of gaster
  • PEandPPEalways distinct from gaster and thorax
  • Whole Palearctic